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Business plan

The business plan is the basis for the first meeting between Norfund and potential partners. It needs to describe the project and financing plan quite detailed.

Elements Norfund will expect to be covered in a business plan:

  • Business idea
  • Market description (current and growth potential) and evaluation of the commercial potential (profitability and return), including existing and expected competitors
  • Value chain description (from where will input be sourced, how will products be distributed etc.)
  • Staffing description: How will the needed labour and competencies be ensured to the project
  • Financing plan: Who will be the main investors and what kind of capital and investments are needed
  • Governance issues: Company structure and board composition
  • Other ESG (Environment, Social and Governance issues): How the project plan to meet the required ESG standards an investor such as Norfund demands (see the IFC-standards which Norfund uses)

In addition, Norfund will request to see documentation of previous projects that the partners have been engaged in.

Based on this, Norfund will assess wheter the project is of interest to the fund and propose a plan for further valuation process and possible deal structure.

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