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CoreCo Central America

CoreCo Central America is an investment fund which will invest in different service sectors in the region.

CoreCo will invest in small and medium sized enterprices (SMEs) in Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. The aim of the fund is to provide financing to SMEs with high growth potential, helping stimulate growth of the venture capital industry and the private sector. The fund will focus on the following sectors: business services, healthcare, IT, financial services, telecommunications, consumer goods, retail and logistics. The Fund will invest 3M-5MUSD per company. Norfunds main co-investors are IDB, IFC, BIO and Obviam.


  • Company: CoreCo Central America
  • Sector: SME Fund
  • Investment year: 2012
  • Instrument: Fund
  • Committed amount (MNOK): 69,7