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Ascent Rift Valley Fund

Ascent Rift Valley Fund is a new SME fund in East Africa. The fund will make investments in 10-12 companies in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, and will identify and follow up the companies through a strong local presence. Focus will be on consumer related businesses where the capital and competencies of the fund managers can contribute to e.g. branding, distribution, storage or consolidating. The most important sectors will be healthcare, FMCG, processing of agricultural products and financial services.


In 2014 Ascent Rift Valley Fund invested in International Clinical Laboratories (ICL) in Ethiopia. Below you can learn more about how this investment contribute to economic growth and better health in Ethiopia. 



  • Company: Ascent Rift Valley Fund
  • Sector: SMB Fund
  • Investment year: 2013
  • Instrument: Fund
  • Committed amount (MNOK): 73,8