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Norfund Summer Conference 2015

Close up to 400 people found their way to Norfund Summer Conference this year!

Norfund Chair, Kristin Clemet, opened the conference by emphasising that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are essential for economic growth, innovation and prosperity of any nation, but of particular importance to poor countries. She said that SME growth is the most important engine for poverty alleviation in developing countries.  SMEs are first and foremost the most important engine of job creation.  9 out of 10 jobs in developing countries are in the private sector and 80% of the workforce is in SMEs. However, lack of access to capital is a stumbling block for new SMEs to be established and for existing ones to grow.  

Below you can find presentations and videos from the conference. 

Norfund*s presentations and videos: 

  • Norfund - SME investments in fragile states like South Sudan 2015 (video)
  • Norfund - SME investments in Ethiopia 2015 (video)
  • Norfund - SME investments in Kenya (video)
  • Kjell Roland's presentation: Highlight of last 12 months investments and Norfund's contribution to poverty reduction through SME investments ( video ) ( pdf)
  • Norfund’s strategy on SME investments through SME-Funds – Elin Ersdal, Norfund (pdf)
  • Norfunds strategy on SME investments through Financial Institutions - Deepak Mallik, Norfund (pdf)

External speakers: 

  • The role of business development in a global development perspective - Erik Solheim, OECD, DAC (video)
  • Profitable SME investment & SMEs role in developing countries - James Mwangi, Equity Bank (video)
  • SME growth; historic trends and future potential- Professor Thorsten Beck, Cass B.S, London (pdf) (video)
  • Supporting SME growth in Africa through SME-funds - Jurie Willemse, GroFin (pdf) (video)
  • A SME success story - Mr Sharif Zahir, Ananta Group, Bangladesh  (pdf) (video)
  • Financial services to enable SME growth - Syed M. Rahman, BRAC Bank, Bangladesh (video) (pdf)
  • Leasing; a successful non-banking service for SMEs in Guatemala - Mirella Juarez, Arrend,(pdf) (video)
  • Profitable SME investments in a fragile state - ”stage-interview” with David Mithika, Kinyeti, South Sudan ( video)