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Norfund has chosen to focus geographically and industry wise because we believe local knowledge and industrial expertise makes Norfund a good, value adding investor.

Competent private sector team

The Norfund investment team has broad private sector experience, and  the organisation strives to develop the relevant investment competencies further. Central to this is strengthening the regional offices with investment staff who has  local presence and networks.

Project evaluation/Due Diligence

It is important for Norfund to make sure we invest in the right projects with future potential. To ensure this we need to do a thorough financial, organisational, legal and environmental assessment of the investment cases.

Project development skills

Norfund invests in start-ups or smaller companies with growth potential. The early stages in such projects depend on high class project development and management skills. Thus Norfund mainly recruits employees with experience from operations and project management, and project teams are put together with the needs of the specific company in mind.

Financial and legal competence

Structuring deals  financially and legally is a core element of Norfund’s job. The deals always include several investors, and dealing with the legal frameworks in the different countries can be complex. Both financial and legal understanding is important skills for the investment staff in Norfund.

Environment, social and governance knowledge

To Norfund, issues related to the environment, social and governance (ESG) are top priority. The investment staff is trained in this, and each investment department have an ESG officer who is involved in both project assessment, planning and follow up of the investee companies.

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