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About Norfund

Norfund – the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries – invests in the establishment and development of profitable and sustainable enterprises in developing countries.


By contributing to the development of local businesses, jobs and economic growth, Norfund aims at reducing poverty.


Norfund cooperates with partners that have the best potential for commercial success - Norwegian or international.

Successful Hattha Kaksekar sold to Thai-based bank

Equity and loans from Norfund was fundamental for HKL's growth and contributions to Cambodia

Conference on International Business & Development

Norfund and partners welcome you to the “Conference on International Business & Development” on the 16th of February and several mini-seminars i February & March.

Norfund's investee, AFC, in new fish feed joint venture

African Century Foods (ACF) has entered into a new joint venture with Nutreco for production, sale and distribution of tilapia feed.

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