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Norfund wishes to contribute to the Norwegian development assistance debate and to increase knowledge about investment opportunities in developing countries by sharing our ideas in Norwegian newspapers and debate forums.

  • En revolusjon må til

  • Employment is key

    Vårt Land July 26th 2013

    The Norwegian investment fund for developing countries is our most important tool to support business development and job creation in poor countries.

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  • More important with ownership than consumer power

    VG June 8th 2013

    It is important that cautious consumers follow up on H&M and others. But even more important are cautious owners of businesses in developing countries.

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  • Aid must create jobs

    Dagsavisen June 25th 2013

    As the world is changing, so must development aid. We ask for new ideas and innovation in the development aid policy, and creating employments should be central.

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  • Made in China - An African Opportunity

    VG April 12th 2013

    While Norway coordinates international meetings about energy, China is the country that does most to support the access to renewable power supply in poor countries.

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  • An incorrect image of Africa [English, United Kingdom]

    Dagsavisen January 29th 2013

    Africa is described as the continent of poverty and corruption, a picture kept alive by NGOs and others who are dependent on this image to maintain their own funding. Our story is the opposite.

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  • Africa and the "employment line"

    Vårt Land July 31st 2012

    In Europe we are fighting unemployment, particularly among the youth. Why do we not think in the same way in development assistance policy?

    Text in Norwegian

  • Who will save the world?

    Dagsavisen July 22nd 2012

    The aid industry and development policy debate has a great problem if engagement for the world's poor and technology optimism can not be united.

    Text at Nye Meninger (in Norwegian)

  • The voice from the south

    VG July 16th 2012

    Even though many developing countries are "young" regimes, western development aid donors should stop treating them like small kids, and start listening to their own wishes and ideas for development.

    Norwegian text: Stemmen fra sør

  • Africa's reply: Yes please, both

    Klassekampen November 2011

    To develop African agriculture both small and large scale projects and investments are necessary. Projects in agriculture are not uncomplicated, but African countries with potentials for large scale productions wish to develop this.

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