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Good results in 2012

Norfund's annual report for 2012 was ready end of March 2013. The board of directors and the management of Norfund are pleased with the results, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Total committed investments in the portfolio: NOK 8.3 billion
  • Number of companies invested in: 107
  • Return on investments: 10%
  • New committed investments in 2012: NOK 1.2 billion
  • New committed investments in renewable energy in 2012: NOK 0.5 billion
  • Number of employees in companies in which Norfund has invested: 294 000
  • Share of investments in least developed countries (LDCs) in 2012: 82%

In the annual report, the Board of directors stresses that it takes time to build the neccessary competencies to do good commercial investments in poor countries. Norfund has worked systematically to develop the organization during the recent years, and now has the capacity to invest more than what the current capital of the fund allows for. The need for investments and the interest in partnering with Norfund is great, and based on this the Board asks for a long term ambition for Norfund. A possible ambition could be that the value of the fund should be equivalent to 1 per cent of the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund by 2020.

The annual report will be published in full together with the Report on Operations in May.

For more information, contact communication adviser Heidi Berg, heidi.berg@norfund.no