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Statkraft International Hydro Invest (SKIHI)

Statkraft International Hydro Invest (SKIHI) has power plants in South America and southern Asia and is in charge of project execution services for all HPP projects within Statkraft and SN Power.

In 2014 an agreement was signed with Statkraft on the restructuring and extension of cooperation on hydropower and the following establishment of SKIHI. Norfund ownes today 33% of SKIHI and 50% of SN Power.

SKIHI's and SN Power's mission is to become leading hydro­ power companies in emerging markets, contributing to economic growth and sustainable development. 

SN Power was established in 2002 as a joint venture between Norfund and Statkraft. The company has since been a leading commercial investor and developer of hydropower projects in emerging markets. 

SKIHI  and SN Power have in total invested more than USD 1800 million in equity through acquisitions and development  of hydropower projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa. SKIHI is involved in hydropower generation in the Philippines, India, Chile, Sri Lanka and Peru and in addition owns one wind farm in Chile. Hydropower projects are under construction and/or assessment in Peru, Brazil, India and the Philippines.

As part of the Statkraft Group, SKIHI has a strong industrial foundation that builds on more than 100 years of developing, owning and operating hydropower in Norway. Statkraft  is the largest renewable energy company in Europe with about 57 TWh in annual electricity production.



  • Company: Statkraft IH International (SKIHI)
  • Sector: Hydro
  • Investment year: 2002
  • Instrument: Equity
  • Committed amount (MNOK): 3007.2