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Frontier Fund

Frontier Fund offers equity to SMEs in Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries. As one of the first specialised SME funds in Bangladesh, Frontier offers entirely new opportunities for growth and development of companies in need of capital.
Many young, dynamic leaders with higher education from Europe or the US take over traditional enterprises and change the activity with the aid of innovative thinking. With a population of more than 150 million inhabitants and a large supply of labour, there are many possibilities.
Norfund has invested USD 10 million of a total of USD 88 million in this fund, which is managed by a Bangladeshi subsidiary of Swedish Brummer and Partners. The fund is an example of a collaboration between DFIs such as Norfund, CDC, IFC and FMO and private Swedish investors, which together account for 50 per cent of the capital.


  • Sector: Investment fund
  • Investment year: 2010
  • Instrument: Fund
  • Committed amount (MNOK): 59,1