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Fundo de Investimento Privado Angola - FIPA

Fundo de Investimento Privado (FIPA) is an equity capital fund that targets small- and medium-sized enterprises found outside the dominant petroleum and diamond industries in the country. The fund has a total capital of NOK 162 milion, and Norfund has invested NOK 70 million. The other investors are IFU, EIB, Banco Africano de Investimento (BAI) and Banco Privado Atlantico (BPA). Angola is rich in natural resources and has a considerable potential in a number of industries. FIPA wishes to contribute capital and also to professionalize the enterprises it invests in which it invests. This will serve to increase employment in the formal economy and make new goods and services available in the country. Norfund has acted as a key initiator of the fund and also holds an ownership share of the management company.



  • Sector: Investment fund
  • Investment year: 2009
  • Instrument: Fund
  • Committed amount (MNOK): 63,7