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Vantage Mezzanine Fund II

Vantage Mezzanine Fund II focus on providing mezzanine finance to fast growing, mid-market companies which are highly scalable, and have the capacity to compete regionally and internationally, but are starved of capital due to their limited ability to raise funding from local financial institutions. The fund anticipates to raise NOK 1000 million at final close, whereof Norfund has invested NOK 68 million.

Vantage will be playing an important developmental role as a promoter of a new asset class in African markets. The Vantage Mezzanine Fund II will broaden the financial services sector in Africa with the transfer of skills, experience and mezzanine finance to markets where no significant amount of mezzanine has been available to date.


  • Sector: Investment fund
  • Investment year: 2011
  • Instrument: Fund
  • Committed amount (MNOK): 54,3