Kapoor’s main message is: Winter has come to the world of Investors and Asset Managers - Developing economies may be their only hope! 
In his report for Norfund, he describes “how institutional investors such as the large OECD country pension funds are at the end of a long bull run in asset prices and the urgent challenges this poses to our pensions and the viability of our financial systems”. 

Program 12th December: 

8.00 - 8.30 Doors open and breakfast is served
8.30 - 8.35 Welcome by Norfund CEO Tellef Thorleifsson
8.35 - 9.10 Sony Kapoor presents findings from his recent report
9.10 – 9.20 Comment by Knut Thonstad, Norad 
9.20 - 9.30 Q&A's 
Venue: Norfund Office, Fridtjof Nansens plass 4 (6th floor), Oslo

Kapoor will delve into the drivers of asset prices and how these are at an inflection point. 

The financial system urgently needs to make some deep and fundamental changes and get far better at deploying capital to where the best opportunities lie. 

Sony Kapoor

In his report, Kapoor explains the opportunities and limitations of DFI’s being able to partner with large institutional investors and asset managers to channel capital to developing economies. He states that “there is a unique opportunity to scale up the DFI's role in delivering Billions to Trillions, but it won’t be easy.”
Mr Kapoor recently delivered this message at lectures for the European Commission and the Development Director Generals of all the EU member states as well as at the OECD, several EU central banks and to the Investment Committees of large institutional investors. 
This is an opportunity for investors, DFI staff, development professionals, pensions regulators, NGOs and climate investors to hear him present his thesis in Oslo. 


KapoorSony Kapoor is the Managing Director of the international think tank RE-DEFINE, which works with European and emerging market governments, multilateral institutions and investors on economic policy, financial markets and sustainability.

Sony is also the CEO of Court Jesters Consulting, through which he advises companies, governments and investors on strategy, policy and long-term trends. Sony has had a multidisciplinary role at the London School of Economics, and has been a special adviser to the UN on green finance, and has worked with the OECD, IMF, World Bank, European Commission and Parliament. His contributions to reforming finance and sustainability have been recognised by the World Economic Forum, which has honoured him as Young Global Leader. 

He now lives between Oslo and London and is increasingly focused on the Nordic economies. 



Thonstad is Assistant Director in NORAD. He leads the Section for Development Strategy and Economic Governance under the department for Economic Development, Gender and Governance. 


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