Technology is fueling innovation and growth in the financial services sector in Africa, creating new opportunities and disrupting the way business has traditionally been conducted.

  • Time: Friday 29th March 8.30 – 10.00 (Breakfast is served from 8.00)
  • Place: Norfund, Fridtjof Nansens plass 4 (6th floor)

After Dr James Mwangi’s presentation, there will be a panel discussion with James, Mwangi, Tellef Thorleifsson (CEO of Norfund) and Deepak Malik (CEO of Arise) on the differences in banking technology across Africa and how investors can contribute strengthening the banking sector.

Equity Bank

is the largest listed bank in Kenya with more than 11 million customers and subsidiaries in five East African countries. The bank has consistently pursued a sustainable business model that is heavily focused on technical innovation and digitizing of the banking services (primarily via mobile phone) Today, more than 97% of all the bank's transactions are carried out digitally - outside the bank branches. 

Equity Bank’s CEO, Dr James Mwangi is, and has long been, the driving force behind the bank's success and digitization strategy. He has gained considerable international recognition for the development of the bank. 


is a banking investment company in Africa - in which Norfund own 48% of the shares - is the largest single shareholder in Equity Bank with 12% shares. 

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