Business Integrity Week is an annual, internal event at Norfund, and it will be organized for the second time from 21-25 November 2022. The purpose of the event is to spread awareness and provide training in important Business Integrity practices to the whole organization and continue to build a strong Compliance culture in Norfund.

Business Integrity Week attracts attention from other organisations as well as external speakers and is considered instrumental in our efforts to raise and maintain awareness and internal knowledge sharing.

The topic of this year’s Business Integrity Week is anti-corruption, which is one of Norfund’s four cross-cutting issues. Corruption has wide-ranging negative effects on societies which are detrimental to reaching the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In Norfund, we have zero tolerance for corruption and other forms of economic crime, and it triggers an immediate response if uncovered. We require high standards of business integrity from employees and business partners, and we communicate our zero-tolerance approach and promote transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.

To further raise awareness and secure harmonized practices between all offices, one Business Integrity Ambassador has been appointed for each of Norfund’s regional offices. The Ambassadors work closely together with the Compliance & Legal Counsel and participate in a joint Business Integrity Ambassador network.

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