Norfund has a long-term investment perspective and supports our investees in their efforts to become sustainable companies. As a responsible investor, Norfund's investment process is thorough and detailed. The investment process can be divided into four phases:   from the identification of new projects, via due diligence to the eventual investment, active ownership and finally the exit.  

Looking for experienced partners

As a minority investor, Norfund wants to collaborate with potential investment partners, both Norwegian and international. We continuously search for experienced partners that have the required capacity to succeed in creating sustainable businesses in one of Norfund's priority sectors and countries.

Relevant partners are characterised by the following:

  • Has comprehensive and relevant technical expertiseIs
  • Is local and/or know the local context
  • Runs an already established commercial project that needs foreign investment to be able to grow
  • Looks for investments not less than 4 million USD
  • Adhere to national rules and legislations and adapt to IFC environmental and social performance standards