Norfund Business Support

The sustainable development of a thriving private sector needs more than just finance.

Norfund’s Business Support facility is therefore an important instrument for Norfund to exercise active ownership and responsible investment in high risk sectors and segments.


The main objective of the Business Support Program is to strengthen the development effects of our investment activities and create value additionality. The facility also seeks to support our investments on cross-cutting issues as climate and environment (SDG 13), gender equality (SDG 5), human rights (SDG 16) and anti-corruption.

How it works

This facility is earmarked Norfund’s portfolio companies and potential portfolio companies. For this grant-based financing, portfolio companies take up to 50% of the project costs.

Norfund Business Support program 2021*

  • 15 MNOK funding committed
  • 45 active projects
  • 72% of funding in Sub-Saharan Africa
*Numbers for the previous year are updated annually in June


Inger Nygaard

Inger Nygaard

Business Support Manager

Tlf: +47 47701248