- (Exited)

  • Active: Exited
  • Region: Latin America
  • Country: Regional
  • Sector: Investment funds
  • Year: 2000
  • Domicile: Bahamas
  • Instrument:
  • Commitment (MNOK) as of 31.12.2018: 0
  • Original Commitment (MNOK): 40.7

Indirect investments

Investee Sector Country
Rex/Intercartgo Other industrial partnerships Costa Rica
Delifrost Manufacturing Costa Rica
GIM SAL Corp. Other services Regional
Gerber Ingredients Manufacturing Costa Rica
IATAI Other services Regional
BIOUPAR Other services Colombia

Norfund - The Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries

Fridtjof Nansens Plass 4
N-0160 Oslo

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