• Active: Active
  • Region: Latin America
  • Country: Regional
  • Sector: Financial services
  • Year: 2004
  • Domicile: Netherlands Antilles
  • Instrument: Loan
  • Commitment (MNOK) as of 31.12.2019: 197.6
  • Original Commitment (MNOK): 305.0

LAAD finances small agribusiness companies in Latin America

Many small and medium sized agribusiness companies in Latin America struggle to get access to capital and financial services. Commercial banks often perceive the costs and risks of serving them as being too high. Yet microfinance institutions may not be able to provide loans that are large enough to meet their needs.

Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation (LAAD) is a private investment and development company. LAAD finances and develops private SME agribusiness projects in Latin America and the Caribbean involving all phases of production, processing, storage, services, technology and marketing in the fields of agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing. Norfund´s long term financing enabled LAAD to continue to grow their loan portfolio and to improve its funding maturity profile.

Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation (LAAD) is a specialized lender that finances small and medium-sized agribusiness companies in Latin America. Norfund’s long term financing has enabled LAAD to continue to grow their loan portfolio and to improve its funding maturity profile.

Farmers and other agribusiness actors have limited access to finance due to the inherent risks in this sector. LAAD has a focused mandate and provides loans solely to SME agribusiness in Latin America, says LAAD CEO, Benjamin Fernandez.

LAAD’s portfolio is spread across twelve countries and fourteen agri-sectors. LAAD is a lender to agribusiness companies that operate in agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing. Typical clients include Fruticola Montegiallo, a kiwifruit producer in Chile; Agroindustrial Las Mellizas, a Costa Rican coffee producer; and Agricola Angy Rose, a company producing flowers in Equador.

An active investor

LAAD is an active investor and is involved in all phases of production, processing, storage, services, technology and marketing. The company provides loans of less than USD 3 million to farmers, helping them to modernise and expand
their operations.

LAAD is a committed and experienced investment company. Most of their loans are for expansion and have led to job creation in Latin America. Being a lender to LAAD is in line with Norfund’s strategic
objectives. Our loans are helping to promote and expand agribusiness SMEs in the region, says head of Norfund’s department for Financial Institutions, Erik Sandersen.

Norfund committed its first loan to LAAD in 2004. In 2017, Norfund supported LAAD further by providing an additional loan of USD 20 million. The funds will contribute to job creation and forex exchange revenues in the Latin American region.

The largest owners are Bank of America, Borden, Cargill, Deere & Co, DEG, Dole Food Company, Gerber, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, JP Morgan, Monsanto, Rabobank and Unilever.

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