Investments in Costa Rica

Direct investment

Total commitment (MNOK): 350.3 MNOK

Investment Sector Year Instrument Commitment
ARREND Central America Financial services 2015 Equity and loan 0.6% 0.6
CIFI Financial services 2004 Equity and loan 2% 6.7
LAAD Financial services 2004 Loan 5.47% 10.8
HEFF Microfinance 2011 Fund 18% 6.2
Aureos Latin America Fund (ALAF) Investment funds 2007 Fund 23.21% 11.1
CASEIF III Investment funds 2014 Fund 25% 20.6
CORECO Financial services 2012 Fund 26% 19.5
Sunshine Energy - solar 2017 Loan 33.33% 4.4
CASEIF II Investment funds 2007 Fund 53.6% 2.2
Aureos CA Growth Fund (EMERGE) Investment funds 2006 Fund 93% 6.6
Banco BCT Banking 2019 Loan 100% 87.8
Banco Promerica Costa Rica Banking 2018 Loan 100% 131.7
Desyfin Financial services 2011 Equity and loan 100% 42.0

Indirect investment

Investment Sector Year Investor
Delifrost Manufacturing CASEIF III
SGSS Wholesale and retail CORECO
Gerber Ingredients Manufacturing CASEIF III
Rex/Intercartgo Other industrial partnerships CASEIF II
Mango Plantation S.A Other industrial partnerships Aureos CA Growth Fund (EMERGE)
Adalta Costa Rica Manufacturing Aureos CA Growth Fund (EMERGE)
Desarrollos Culturales Other services Aureos CA Growth Fund (EMERGE)
Horizontes Capital Holding Tourism Aureos CA Growth Fund (EMERGE)
Desyfin Financial services HEFF

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