Investments in Ethiopia

Direct investment

Total commitment (MNOK): 283.7 MNOK

Investment Sector Year Instrument Commitment
Afrinord Hotel Investments Tourism 2005 Equity and loan 30% 11.1
Agri-Vie Food and agribusiness 2010 Fund 6% 2.6
Agri-Vie II Food and agribusiness 2017 Fund 20% 24.2
Ascent Rift Valley Fund Ltd Investment funds 2013 Fund 40% 31.9
Aureos Africa Fund Investment funds 2008 Fund 10% 12.2
Cepheus Growth Capital Fund Investment funds 2018 Fund 100% 127.4
Star Bright Holdings Ltd.(Marginpar Group) Food and agribusiness 2018 Equity 16.5% 11.3
Verde Beef Processing Food and agribusiness 2017 Loan 100% 63.0

Indirect investment

Investment Sector Year Investor
Allcent Global Corporation (Allied Chemicals Plc) Manufacturing Ascent Rift Valley Fund Ltd
Medpharm Holdings Africa Ltd Health Ascent Rift Valley Fund Ltd
Unicent Limited (Universal Plastics Factory Plc) Manufacturing Ascent Rift Valley Fund Ltd
africaJUICE Food and agribusiness Agri-Vie

Norfund - The Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries

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