Investments in India

Direct investment

Total commitment (MNOK): 369 MNOK

Investment Sector Year Instrument Commitment
APIDC Biotech Fund Investment funds 2005 Fund 100% 16.0
Aureos South Asia Fund (Holdings) Investment funds 2006 Fund 89% 63.6
E&Co (Persistent Energy) Energy 2009 Loan 1.34% 0.1
Interact Climate Change Facility Energy 2010 Loan 33% 89.6
NMI Frontier Fund Microfinance 2008 Fund 30% 21.6
NMI Fund III Microfinance 2013 Fund 50% 92.0
NMI Fund IV Microfinance 2018 Fund 25% 54.0
NMI Global Fund Microfinance 2008 Fund 21.8% 11.7
Nordic Microfinance Initiative AS Microfinance 2008 Equity 45% 10.9
Norwegian Microfinance Initiative AS Microfinance 2008 Equity 32% 9.6

Indirect investment

Investment Sector Year Investor
Auro Mira Energy Co. Pvt Ltd Energy - bio Aureos South Asia Fund (Holdings)
BSR Super Speciality Hospitals Ltd Health Aureos South Asia Fund (Holdings)
Belstar Investment and Finance Private Ltd Microfinance NMI Frontier Fund
Continental Warehousing Corp Other industrial partnerships Aureos South Asia Fund (Holdings)
Elbit Medical Diagnostics Ltd Health APIDC Biotech Fund
Evolva Biotech Private Limited Other services APIDC Biotech Fund
Fusion Microfinance Microfinance NMI Frontier Fund
India Financial Inclusion Fund Microfinance NMI Global Fund
Mardil Medical Devices Other services APIDC Biotech Fund
Ordyn Technologies Pvt. Ltd Communication Aureos South Asia Fund (Holdings)
Sai Security Printers Pvt Ltd Manufacturing Aureos South Asia Fund (Holdings)
Satin Creditcare Network Ltd Microfinance NMI Fund III
Sresta Natural Bio-products Pvt Ltd Manufacturing APIDC Biotech Fund
Utkarsh Microfinance Private Ltd Microfinance NMI Frontier Fund
iMedX Information Services Pvt Limited Health APIDC Biotech Fund

Norfund - The Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries

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