Key figures for Norfund

The graphic below illustrates how Norfund works and how the investments contribute to jobs, important goods and services, and to increased tax revenues. An investments is exited when Norfund’s involvement is no longer additional. The capital and profit generated are then reinvested in new enterprises with greater need for risk capital.


key figures for norfund

The Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

The IRR of Norfund’s investment portfolio in 2018, (calculated in investment currency) was 4.6 percent. However, significant annual variations mean that the contribution of Norfund's investments is best reflected in IRR calculations of investments since inception. As of 31.12.2018, Norfund’s IRR since inception, expressed in investment currency, is 5.8 percent.


Norfund's Audited Results for 2018: 

key figures

New investments per year since 2005 (MNOK)

The main drivers of new investments are available capital, the project pipeline and staffing. High year-on-year variations occur because of the long and complex project development processes. 

investment per sector