Through annual capital allocations and good returns, the fund has grown to become a significant investor in our markets.

We are proud to be an active, strategic minority investor who adds knowledge and expertise to the companies we invest in - in addition to capital. The current Norfund strategy is based on the experiences gained from our 20 years of investing in the poorest countries of the world. The organisation has become professional and is well recognised.

Lessons learned

From the previous 20 years, we have learned that knowledge about local markets and selected industries is a key for success. Local presence and local staff are therefore essential. Only with a deep understanding of the local cultures, politics and markets are we able to ensure that our investment contributes positively to sustainable businesses and development. Since inception, Norfund has therefore opened regional offices in Thailand, Kenya, Ghana, Costa Rica and until recently in South Africa.

Close, long-term collaborations with our industrial partners are also vital. Professional and experienced partners are crucial when investing in complex clean energy projects, large scale agriculture companies as well as in financial institutions.

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Looking forward

Norfund will in the coming years continue to systematically build competencies and capacity for doing difficult investments in the poorest countries in the world, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are convinced that local presence and good partners are keys to success. We are ready to do our best in contributing to substantially increased activity towards the development of business in poor countries. This is more than anything what the countries in the South are asking for!