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  • Ellen Rasmussen; incoming EVP for the Scalable Enterprises department


    "Why work at Norfund? I’d like to turn that to; why NOT work for Norfund?", says Ellen Rasmussen. After many years working in business development, she is ready to apply her skills and extensive experience to impact investing, taking on the mantle of EVP for Norfund’s Scalable Enterprises department.

  • Lighting up Madagascar

    WeLight solar panel

    Norfund has closed an investment agreement with the mini-grid company We Light. The aim is to build mini-grids in hundreds of villages in Madagascar, and thereby improve the rural populations access to cheaper and more reliable electricity - at work and at home. We Light will also explore opportunities elsewhere in Africa.

  • Profitable fish company creates jobs in Somaliland

    fish company

    A 20-year-old boy with a business idea and only 50 USD in his pocked succeeded in developing a profitable fish company in Somaliland. A supportive investor was crucial for his success. Norfund has initiated a fund that will enable him and other entrepreneurs to grow their business further in this challenging market.

  • Norfund's Responsible Tax Policy


    Successful businesses shall contribute to increased government tax revenues which allow the government to provide social services. Norfund's new Responsible Tax Policy is a fundament for Norfund´s operations. 

  • 390 MW solar project in Egypt is completed

    egypt solar

    The 390 MW Scatec Solar solar project in Egypt is now completed and will provide clean energy to more than 420,000 households in Egypt. Norfund, KLP and Africa 50 are investors in this project that is part of the 1.8 GW solar park – one of biggest solar parks in the world.  

  • New impact fund for renewables in Africa


    A new Norwegian fund, Empower Invest, will contribute know-how and equity to implement solar PV, small hydro and hybrid plants, supporting projects in Africa that are, individually, too small for traditional project financing.

  • Creating jobs and improving lives

    strategy 2019-2022

    The investment needs of the developing world are increasing, not at least to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. Norfund’s new Strategy 2019 - 2022 aims to create jobs and improve people’s lives - by investing in businesses that drive sustainable development.

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