Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd.  and Norfund are pleased to announce their partnership with the aim to establish distributed generation micropower plants and mini grids for the purpose of generating and distributing electricity to off-grid rural communities and telecommunications towers in Myanmar. 

Electricity infrastructure development is a priority for Myanmar to drive economic growth. According to the World Bank only 16 percent of rural households in Myanmar are connected to the power grid1. The demand for power far exceeds the available production capacity, resulting in regular blackouts. The limited production and distribution of power severely hamper economic development and the powering of telecommunications towers.

The Project expects to secure long-term power supply contracts with telecommunications towers and
telecommunications network operators in off-grid locations, which will serve as the anchor tenant. Distribution
generation micro power plants will be set up around such areas, powered by a combination of PV solar modules, diesel generators and energy storage solutions, with surrounding communities connected through mini-grids.

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