Norfund has recently decided to start investing in West Africa. Initiall focus will be in English speaking countries and the newly opened regional office in Ghana will be used as an entry point. As agriculture and agribusiness is a major source of employment in West Africa, Norfund has chosen this to be the primary investment sector in this region.

“We believe that investing in the agribusiness sector is the best way that Norfund can contribute to economic transformation and development in Ghana and West Africa”, said Norfund CEO Kjell Roland 

The Norwegian Minister of International Development, Mr Nicolai Astrup, officially opened the Ghana office on the 19th of March 2018. 

Norfund is a responsible and long-term minority investor with a strong focus on sustainability. The investments have high development impact, both in terms of jobs and potential for growth. I wish you all the best!

Minister Nicolai Astrup