As a responsible investor, Norfund requires that all its investees have good corporate governance and sound environmental and social practices. Appropriate, prudent and transparent tax behavior is a key component of corporate responsibility for investors and the investees. 

The policy is based on seven fundamental principles: 

  1. Norfund recognizes that tax revenues are fundamental to the ability of governments in developing countries to fund infrastructure and public spending and stimulate sustainable development.
  2. Norfund investees shall pay taxes to the countries in which they operate and where the income occurs.
  3. Norfund doesn't support aggressive tax planning or engage in any artificial arrangements to reduce its tax liabilities.
  4. Norfund seeks to limit the use of Offshore Financial Centers (OFCs). 
  5. For investments in funds, Norfund requires that the fund’s investment policy complies with Norfund’s mission and principles in respect of both the investee companies and management company structures used.
  6. Norfund promotes transparency by disclosing project specific information to the extent possible and within the legal limits of client protection.
  7. Norfund will continue to monitor developments and regularly review this policy. 

The new tax policy is based on the principles stated in the Norfund Act, Norfund's statutes and EDFI's principles for responsible tax in developping countries.