Carthage is a 400 Ha farm in the Moamba region and was established in 2015. Moamba is part of the Maputo province and is in an area that is especially good suited for papaya farming due to favorable climatic conditions, high soil quality and good water availability.

The Mosambican President Filipe Nyusi and the Norwegian Ambassador to Mozambique Ms Anne Lene Dale were impressed of what they saw when they visited the plantation. The president promised that the Mozambican government will do whatever is necessary to help the growth of the company. 

What we see here is a tangible proof that Mozambique has great potential for agriculture.

President Filipe Nyusi 


Norfund's strategy is to invest across the whole agri business value chain because value-adding activities can increase farm incomes and create more jobs.

The Carthage company has an efficient and modern pack-house and handles the papayas all the way from planting and harvesting to sorting, cleaning and packing.

The planned investment in Carthage will be USD 3,5 million, of which USD 0,5 million is already disbursed.

Genetic research that contributes to higher yields

Neofresh is a South African company that specialize in the production, packing and marketing of litchi and papaya. The company has professional skills and technology in sub-tropical fruit production and is now interested in replicating its technology and skills to Mozambique. It has therefore become Carthage's key commercial partner. 

Neofresh invests significantly in genetic research and development of new papaya varieties for in-house propagation. This has resulted in achieving high yielding, disease resistant and well-shaped varieties well-suited to the local climate, and in high market demand.

More jobs and increased export earnings

90 percent of the papayas produced at Carthage will be exported to South Africa. The remaining will be sold in Mozambique. More labor will be needed for the planned expansion of the farm. The success of this investments will thereby contribute to job creation, skills development, reduction in rural poverty, increased in export revenues as well as  increased income tax revenues in Mozambique.

I never thought papaya would be such a great investment, with so many varieties and tastes. Also, because our area is so remote with little existing meaningful investment, the Carthage farm has a good opportunity to make tangible impact in many poor people’s lives.

Mr. Albino Ruben Chongo, Carthage Facility and Processing Manager