Norfund: an Eco-Lighthouse

In May 2022, Norfund was certified as an Eco-lighthouse!

The Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme is a concrete and effective tool that helps us make smart and profitable environmental choices. To achieve certification under the Eco-Lighthouse scheme, Norfund had to satisfy both the General Industry Criteria, the canteen criteria and the criteria specific to the finance sector.

CO2 footprint for Norfund’s own operations equaled 211 tonnes of CO2 in 2021. As 2021 was not a normal year for Norfund, and travel was restricted to a minimum, we have reported on 2019 emissions as well, where our operations equaled 850 tonnes of CO2. 

Some of the members of the working group visited Franzefoss at Haraldrud some weeks ago, to get an understanding of the waste process from being collected at our office to being recycled (pictured).

For 2021, Norfund reports for the Oslo office only. Our aim for 2022 is to be able to report on behalf of the whole organisation.