Norfund's mandate is to contribute to economic and social development by providing equity capital and other risk capital to sustainable businesses in poor countries.

Focus is to be set on sustainable businesses that would not otherwise be initiated because of the high risk involved. 

The mandate is defined by the Norfund Act of 1997.


An additional investor

Norfund’s investees contribute to economic and social development through the direct and indirect jobs they provide, the goods and services they offer, and the taxes they pay. Norfund supplies capital and competencies that are otherwise scarce or unavailable. We make more capital available in targeted markets because we are willing to assume more risk than many other investors. We prioritise projects that have strong development effects and enhance these effects through active ownership and business development support.

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A catalytic investor

Mobilising private capital is a central objective for Norfund. We work as a catalyst, leveraging partners, additional private capital and expertise for our projects.