Norfund has the country’s largest specialist team investing in developing countries. 50 of Norfund’s 85 employees work directly with investments and follow projects through all phases of the investment process. Norfund has four investment departments: Clean Energy, Green Infrastructure, Financial Institution and Scaleable Enterprices & Funds.


Twenty-four Norfund staff members are employed across five regional offices (Nairobi, Maputo, Accra, San José and Bangkok) to ensure local proximity and knowledge. The regional offices generate investments, monitor existing engagements and provide support to all the sector based departments.



Norfund has three dedicated experts monitoring environmental, social and governance issues related to our investments.

The Strategy and Communication department analyses development effects and additionality, and manages communication. The Finance department supports the investment projects and facilitates reporting to our Norwegian co-partners. The Organisation and HR department is responsible for staff related issues as well as Norfund’s Business Support scheme. A legal department has recently also  been established. To keep the organization small and efficient, a number
of support functions are outsourced.


Norfund’s Investment Committee (IC) is an important entity in Norfund, both for quality assurance and to make better decisions. The IC has eight members, whereof two are external, and is led by the CEO. While the CEO/Management Team can decide on investments up to USD 4 million, the IC is mandated
to decide on investments between USD 4 – USD 15 million and commercial exits. The IC shall also review investment proposals above USD 15 million, but final approval is to be made by the Board of Directors.