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With more than two decades of investment experience in developing countries, Norfund has become an expert in sustainable project and corporate finance.

Developing economies need investments to boost productivity and growth. Estimates show that investments of more than one trillion USD are needed every year to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Mobilizing capital

Norfund’s ownership normally does not exceed 35% of a company. As a minority investor, we seek to mobilise capital and attract competent and experienced investors to our projects.

Norfund’s 4.9% IRR (internal rate of return, measured in local currency) since inception shows that it is possible to combine reasonable return with high developmental effects.

In my opinion, most Western companies are underinvested in Africa and South East Asia.
By allocating funds to these regions, private investors may access attractive growth opportunities and attain a risk diversification.


Our major co-investors

Norfund has a range of competent and trusted co-investors, both public and private. Below is an overview of partners of specific strategic importance to Norfund’s goal achievement.

Development Finance Institutions (DFIS)

DFIS are specialised development organisations that usually are majority owned by National governments. EDFI, The Association of European Development Finance Institutions, represents 15 European DFIS. Below are the companies with which we have the largest joint investments.

Norfund’s Investment Platforms

Norfund has invested in four investment platforms. These are companies which both manage a set of assets and are vehicles for growth and capital deployment in a defined business area.

We search for new co-investors

Norfund has clear guidelines for evaluation of potential partners. The criteria include the partner’s area of expertise and knowledge, previous and existing positions and relationships, other roles in the society and reputation.

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Andreas Davidsen

Andreas Davidsen

Vice President – Scalable Enterprises
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Anders Blom

Investment Manager – Clean Energy

Espen Froyn

Vice President Financial Institutions – Africa
Carl Johan Wahlund

Carl Johan Wahlund

Investment Director Green Infrastructure
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Ellen Cathrine Rasmussen

Executive Vice President, Green Infrastructure and Scalable Enterprises