Norfund videos and stories

  • Investing for jobs

  • Norfund - 20 years of investing for development

  • SME investments in South Sudan

  • Investing in African agribusiness

  • SME investment in Ethiopia

    This video presents International Clinical Laboratories (ICL), one of Norfund's SME investments in Ethiopia, through the SME-Fund, Ascent.

  • Solar energy in Rwanda

    This video presents Scatec Solar and Norfund's investment in the solarplant Gigawatt Solar in Rwanda

  • Basecamp Explorer Maasai Mara, Kenya

    Basecamp Explorer Kenya is an ecotourism operator in Kenya and operates three safari camps in the Maasai Mara with a unique cooperation with the local Maasai people. Norfund is an equity investor as of 2010.

  • Athi River Steel

  • Lake Turkana Wind power

  • Fanisi Venture Management Company

    Fanisi is a venture fund that invests in small and medium sized companies in East Africa

Norfund - The Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries

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