Aureos South-East Asia Fund II

Asia & Pacific



Committment (MNOK)

Scalable Enterprises


The Fund invests in medium-sized companies in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philipines and Vietnam, besides in Malaysia and Singapore without Norfund's participation. Fund management was recently transferred to Actis.

  • Sector: Scalable Enterprises
  • Committment (MNOK): 37.8
  • Year: 2010
  • Region: Asia & Pacific
  • Country: Regional
  • Domicile: Canada
  • Instrument: Funds
  • Status: Active

Indirect investments

Investee Sector Country
Crossland Logistics CoOther industrial partnershipsThailand
KPN AcademyEducationThailand
Wine ConnectionWholesale and retailThailand
Vietnam-USA Society English InternationalEducationVietnam
Orca Global Pte LtdEducationIndonesia
Ninja Logistics Pte LtdOther industrial partnershipsOther
PSGourmetOther servicesOther
Singapore International SchoolEducationOther