European Financing Partners SA




Committment (MNOK)

Scalable enterprises


European Financing Partners (EFP) is a co financing mechanism (mainly lending) where several of Norfund’s European sister organizations participate along with the European Investment Bank (EIB). The objective is to promote the development of the private sector in the ACP countries (African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States), and more than 60 per cent of the investments made to date are in the LDCs. In addition to ensuring access to financing large projects in developing countries, EFP also facilitates European cooperation and transfer of competence between the European DFIs in a unique manner. Norfund has committed respectively €5m, €10m, €10m, €10m and €20m in EFPII, EFPIII, EFPIV, EFPV and EFPVI.

  • Sector: Scalable enterprises
  • Committment (MNOK): 311.8
  • Year: 2006
  • Region: Global
  • Country: Global
  • Domicile: None
  • Instrument: Equity & Loans
  • Status: Active

Indirect investments

Investee Sector Country
Olkaria III (12-KE-DEG-0405)EnergyKenya
AFC (80-NG-PRO-1012)BankingOther
Suganc (111-NI-DEG-0917)Food and agribusinessOther
124-CR-DEG-0819-CrediQcrFinancial servicesOther
Access Bank (116-NG-FMO-1018)BankingOther
ETC Group (119-AE-FMO-0319)Food and agribusinessOther
ETG (126-MU-DEG-0120)Food and agribusinessOther
ETG (79-MU-PRO-1012)Food and agribusinessOther
Ghana Home Loans (103-GH-FMO-1015-GHL)BankingOther
Helios Towers (97-CD-DEG-0614)CommunicationOther
IEFCL (78-NG-DEG-0912)ManufacturingOther
Olkaria IV (106-KE-DEG-0316)Energy - geothermalOther
PTA Bank (53-KE-FMO-0709)Financial servicesOther
Jamaica Public Services (JPS) (61-JM-PRO-0510-JPS)Other industrial partnershipsJamaica
Cement du Sahel (CDS) (25-SN-DEG-0606)ManufacturingSenegal
Eaton Towers (99-NE-PRO-0914)CommunicationNiger
Precision Air (35-TZ-FIN-0907)Other industrial partnershipsTanzania
Rabai Power (42-KE-PRO-0708)EnergyTanzania
Coop Bank (74-KE-DEG-0612)BankingKenya
EBK (118-KE-DEG-0219)BankingKenya
Fidelity Bank (92-GH-DEG-0114)BankingGhana
Maputo Private Hospital (38-MZ-DEG-0208)Financial servicesMozambique
Zambeef (46-ZM-DEG-1208)ManufacturingZambia
AFL (57-NG-FMO-1109)ManufacturingNigeria
123-NG-FMO-0819-First City BankBankingNigeria