Interact Climate Change Facility




Committment (MNOK)

Clean Energy


ICCF is a debt syndication facility providing debt finance to renewable energy and energy effeciency projects in developing countries. Members of the group include a number of European DFIs as well as EIB and AFD. The fund has successfully financed a number of power projects and has been through several rounds of increased capital commitments by its members. Norfund was a founding member in 2010 and has contributed to each capital increase.

  • Sector: Clean Energy
  • Committment (MNOK): 299.7
  • Year: 2010
  • Region: Global
  • Country: Global
  • Domicile: Luxembourg
  • Instrument: Equity & Loans
  • Status: Active

Indirect investments

Investee Sector Country
13-TR-PRO-0613-BankPozitifFinancial servicesTurkey
06-MN-FMO-0212-Mongolia WindEnergy - windMongolia
21A-HN-FMO-0514-MECEREnergy - solarOther
21B-HN-FMO-0514-GENERSAEnergy - solarOther
34-KE-FMO-0316-SelenkeiEnergy - solarOther
35-KE-FMO-0316-CedateEnergy - solarOther
39-EG-PRO-0417-RaSolarEnergy - solarOther
24-PE-DEG-0914-AndeanEnergy - hydroPeru
41-AR-PRO-0418-LaPunaEnergy - solarArgentina
43-AR-FMO-0818-MalaspinaEnergy - windArgentina
03-IN-FMO-1111-RELIANCE POWER 1Energy - solarIndia
14-IN-FMO-0713 - Panama WindEnergy - windIndia
07-HND-FMO-0712-VESAEnergy - windHonduras
21-HN-FMO-0514-Terra SolarEnergy - solarHonduras
08-CI-PRO-0912-AzitoEnergy - natural gasIvory Coast
44-UA-PRO-0918-SyvashEnergy - windUkraine
29-ME-PRO-0315-KrnovoEnergy - windMontenegro
16-KE-PRO-1013-LTWPEnergy - windKenya
17-TR-PRO-0911-Eolos2 nr1Energy - windTurkey
01-GH-FMO-0511-TICOEnergy - natural gasGhana
27-UG-FMO-0315-NYAMWAMBAEnergy - hydroUganda
28-UG-FMO-0315-MpangaEnergy - hydroUganda
37-PK-DEG-0716-TBCCEnergy - windPakistan