Committment (MNOK)

Scalable enterprises


Neofresh is a South African company that specializes in the production, packing and marketing of papaya and other sub-tropical fruits.The company's core activity is papaya production (supplying the major supermarket chains in South Africa). The company also produces litchies, lemons and mangos, and has recently planted new mangos, litchies and macadamia.

Neofresh has six established farms, two pack houses and employs about 400 permanent workers. It uses highly advanced skills and technology in their sub-tropical fruit production.

In 2017, the company became the key commercial partner to Carthage - a 400 Ha papaya farm in the Moamba region, which also employs circa 400 people. With this partnership, Neofresh can replicate its technology and skills to Mozambique and contribute to a more efficient production line and value chain (with higher yields). Approximately 90% of the papayas produced at Carthage are exported to South Africa. Norfund's investment contributes to skills develop

  • Sector: Scalable enterprises
  • Committment (MNOK): 86.3
  • Year: 2017
  • Region: Africa
  • Country: Regional
  • Domicile: Mauritius
  • Instrument: Equity & Loans
  • Status: Active
Cleaning papayas at Neofresh’ farm in Mozambique