Yoma Bank Limited




Committment (MNOK)

Financial Institutions


Yoma Bank Limited was founded in 1993. The Bank was dormant until 2012 when its full banking license was reinstated. Over the past five years, the Bank has impressively grown its credit operation by 17x (USD 60 million in Mar. 2013 VS USD 1 billion as of Dec. 2018). The Bank currently ranks 4th in term of asset size and is widely considered as one of the most dynamic and professionally managed commercial banks in Myanmar.

  • Sector: Financial Institutions
  • Committment (MNOK): 295.0
  • Year: 2019
  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Myanmar
  • Domicile: Myanmar
  • Instrument: Equity
  • Status: Active

Additionality for Yoma Bank Limited

This investment is particularly additional on the following ambitions:

  • Investing in the poorest countries
  • Investing in the most capital constrained markets
  • Investing in the riskiest markets
  • Investing in the most difficult business environments
  • Investing in high risk instruments
  • Taking an active role in investments
  • Improving social and environmental standards
  • Supporting enterprise improvements