West Africa

The office in Accra was opened in early 2018 and is headed by Regional Director Naana Winful Fynn.

The office handles Norfund’s new and existing investments in West Africa, within all Norfund’s sectors. We have a particular focus on Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal. We can also invest in other countries in West Africa, in partnership with other investors and funds, see map below.

Targeted Countries in West Africa

Our Team

“I believe Norfund presents a compelling alternative. We are a long-term partner and investor who works with owners and management to expand and institutionalize their businesses.”

Naana Winful Fynn, Regional director

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Nana Yaa Oparebea Amaning

Nana Yaa Oparebea Amaning

Office Manager – Organisation and HR

Tlf: +233 302 906 773 or +233 302 906 774

If you are a company, investor, NGO or other institution wondering if Norfund is a potential partner, please visit Partner with us.


Some of our Investments in West Africa

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Stories from our Investments in West Africa

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