(Figures in 1000s of NOK)31.12.202131.12.2020
Accrued interest118 32274 789
Other receivables3 409 461152 787
Total receivables3 527 783227 576

‘Other receivables’ consist primarily of three positions: an interest-bearing seller credit (interest rate of 3% for 7 years, after which the interest rate increases to 30%) to Scatec in connection with the sale of SN Power of NOK 1 764 million (USD 200 million), a right in relation to Scatec to 49% of the assets in SN Power’s African operations equivalent to NOK 1 566 million (USD 183 million). The shares had not been transferred as of 31.12. In addition, an agreed settlement for sale of equities of NOK 62 million in the period which falls due in 2022. Settlement was considerably delayed because of the Covid situation and the payment schedule was renegotiated.