Other current liabilities

Included in other current liabilities is an item of NOK 98.2 million to the Dutch bank FMO in connection with the acquisition of shares in Green Resources, of which Norfund was the owner at year-end 2022.


As part of its activities, Norfund has issued 8 guarantees totalling NOK 245 million. An annual assessment is made by the project manager of whether the guarantee is at risk of being invoked, and a proportional provision is made accordingly. As of 31.12.22, no allocation had been made for guarantee commitments.[[

Other commitments

In connection with the exit from SN Power AS, there are some latent liabilities related to gains tax in particular which may be invoked by Scatec ASA. The claim is uncertain, with a probably outcome of USD 0.25 million, but may be up to USD 6 million under certain conditions. As the probability is not high, and the size of the claim is uncertain, no allocation is made in the accounts for this commitment.